You Do Matter - CR

You Do Matter

You Do Matter - CR

You Do Matter - CR is an 8-week Jane Boyd program that works to help youth transition into successful adults, empower families with the skills to succeed, and build the community connections to create a model neighborhood to raise children.

You Do Matter-CR utilizes trauma trained staff for street outreach, engaging youth in their communities. Our staff have established reputations and are well known in the community, enabling them to build bonds of trust at a much faster pace.  

The goal was to meet and engage as many youth ages 6-17 in the community, connecting them to positive opportunities.  If younger siblings were present, program recommendations are sent home to the parent. If youth over the age of 17 are present, the goal is to ensure a safe and non-threatening environment and to connect those youth to community resources, if appropriate. Every youth or adult who entered the public space of the playground are welcomed.

Of the participants, 58% expressed optimism for the future, including 85% who believe they will attend college. 95% of participants said they had a positive relationship with an adult other than a parent. You Do Matter - CR has also shown to help reduce the number of police calls due to concerns with "juveniles" or "teens" in the area.

Overall, we are confident in the successes You Do Matter-CR achieved in 2018.  We are inspired by the youth we engage and look forward ongoing partnerships that will help sustain You Do Matter-CR in the future. 

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Our mission is to enhance the academic, emotional and social wellbeing of children and families in our diverse community with programs focused on developing successful and productive adults.

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