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David's Story

David understands that his son, David II, is at an influential age as he's headed into his freshman year of high school. The single father didn't have much guidance when growing up, learned some tough lessons and is now focused on learning from both his successes and his failures so he and his small family of two can thrive.

The father and son duo came to Iowa few years ago, starting in a shelter and reaching out to both Jane Boyd's Family Support and the PATHS program to help with housing and basic needs and finding a job. David quickly secured employment, and recently completed Jane Boyd's Cedar Rapids Entrepeneur Program, a partnership with GoDaddy's GoCommunities program.

David likes to do as much for himself as he can, and believes that whether or fail or succeed, there's always a life lesson that can be learned. As the family continues to thrive, they recognize that the people at Jane Boyd have been a consistent driving force in their lives that have helped them achieve their continuing level of success.

David and David II were featured in the 2017 Jane Boyd Annual Report.

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